Before completing the application for Certification please note that all areas must be completed. By completing the application you agree that your name and certification status can be listed on the South African Payroll Association’s website. Kindly note that your details will also be submitted to the South African Qualifications Authority  (SAQA) to be included on the National Data Base.

The South African Payroll Association undertakes that it will not make your personal information available to any other organisation or person other than the aforementioned without your written consent.

Code of Conduct

Why sign a Code of Conduct?

Signature to the Code of Conduct is a pre-requisite  of the Certification Process. The Association has adopted this Code of Conduct after a great deal of research into best practice in the Payroll Industry. It was refined by a committee which consisted of members of the payroll Association who spent a great deal of time on research, discussion and refinement of the document.


RPL accepts that one learns from all your life experience including working experience and this learning should be recognised in a meaningful manner. RPL recognises what any individual already knows and is able to apply. RPL recognises that individuals don’t just learn things inside a formalised structure such as a college or a university but that learning happens both inside and outside the formal environment.

RPL  is usually used to ascertain whether the individual concerned has sufficient knowledge that can be measured to facilitate entry either into a formal qualification or earn credits towards a recognised qualification.  

It was towards this end that the South African Payroll Association collaborated with various bodies and researched best practice to develop the Policy and Criteria for RPL within the Payroll Profession.

SAQA National Policy on Implementation of RPL

Policy and Criteria for the Recognition of Prior Learning

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