CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

CPD Policy Document

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What is CPD?  

Have you ever heard of any payroll department that can afford not to take note of or to be informed about the latest legislation with respect to SARS, UIF, COIDA or even the labour legislation. Why is that? It is because payroll professionals who are serious about their jobs and take their responsibilities to heart , not  only towards the companies that employ them but to the employees to whom they pay the right amount in the right account at the right time each and every payday, are people of integrity who take great pride in doing just that.

Why do they bother? They bother because payroll professionals can’t do their job successfully without ensuring that they keep up-to-date on changes in legislation and process!  They have to keep learning and adapting throughout their entire careers, that’s part and parcel of the job. 

A professional qualification in payroll is a valuable start but keeping informed in this ever changing environment is critical to maintaining the value of the qualifications. In these ever changing times, the knowledge gained in the original qualification can so easily become obsolete. The payroll professional needs to keep informed of current legislative changes and requirements and indeed even of the latest software and upgrades in the various payroll packages used. 

CPD for our Certificated  Professional members

For far too long , here in South Africa, we have been the “step children” in our companies. We at the S.A. Payroll Association have made it our mission to raise the profile of our members. In fact we believe that we can bring benefits to every single payroll professional in the country by our efforts in promoting the profession and improving our reputation and thereby banishing the myth that we are not true professionals. How do we do this? We do this by the process of certification into the Professional designations of our members. This is essential to being recognised as true professionals that we indeed are. 

So how do we do it? The qualifications already in place develop and change over  time so we need to be informed so that the qualification we have earned stays as current as that of the newest graduate. The Professional designations have been developed. Personal Development should be as natural in our every day work as breathing and it is this which in turn becomes professional development when this learning is applied to your work environment. 

As the Payroll Association which belongs to you our members, we need to make this a crucial factor in recognising a truly professional membership. Membership of the Association will give you access to various tools as we travel together along the road to recognition of our chosen career as a skilled professional making a valuable contribution to the Company or business in which we are employed. 

Who Should Participate in CPD?

If you want to pursue a professional career and keep the certified status and be recognised as a professional and not just have a job, you need to be an active participant. 

Everyone should undertake CPD as a matter of course.

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