SAPA Event Schedule 2019

SAPA Tax Update - with Steve Krause

2019 Webinars

  • Understanding if you are dealing with a verification or audit and how the matter is to be handled - 24 Jan 2019 - Video Recording
  • Exploring the adjustments to the Act and determining if any structuring can assist staff, secondly confirming the correct treatment of bursaries and scholarships. - 14 Feb 2019 - Video Recording
  • Rulings, Interpretation Notes:Reviewing and analysing the newsiest rulings and interpretation notes. - 14 Mar 2019
  • Status of Sars interpretation note: Implications for taxpayers- a ‘practise generally prevailing’ is “a practise set out in an official publication regarding the application or interpretation of the Act” - 11 Apr 2019

2019 Conference

  • Durban - 3 Sept 2019, Cape Town - 5 Sept 2019, Johannesburg - 11 Sept 2019

SAPA reserves the right to cancel or postpone any event and all dates are subject to change.




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