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a)      What if I do not want to become certificated but already have the qualification what happens to the qualification?

No one can ever take your qualification away from you, a designation is quite a different matter.


b)     What if I don’t have the Payroll qualification, but I do have other qualifications?

The RPL procedure in most cases recognises qualifications previously obtained provided that they were obtained from a reputable source. The Association willconsider in the main other financial qualifications.


c)      How many years of experience will I need to qualify for either of the designations and who will decide if this is sufficient?

A committee has been set up to assess each application and will decide on its merits. The applicant will be advised of the outcome and will also have the right to appeal any such decision to the Chairman of the Association. In the case of an application that is considered insufficient the applicant will be counselled as to what more is required and assisted to achieve this.


d)      I have obtained a qualification but am currently not employed in the payroll industry, how do I gain the necessary experience as I still want to keep up my membership of the Association and aspire to the designation?

The Association has conducted research amongst other similar organisations and found that a form of Associate membership is offered with all the benefits of membership such as participation in CPD activities being available and their names being entered onto the register of professional members as an Associate member. We are still looking at this matter and will I am certain come to a working arrangement that will benefit the member.


e)      What if I do not want my name to appear on the registered member listing?

Why would you not? Personal details such as address and telephone numbers etc. will not be made public.


f)       Why should I have to sign a code of conduct?

This is a condition of membership. Virtually all professional bodies have Codes of Conduct for their members. This ensures that the body is made up of professionals who are committed to a high standard of practice in their profession.