Objectives of the Association:

  • To be, to operate and to function as a governing body of Electricity Resellers within the area of its jurisdiction.
  • To promote, foster and create a credible Association within the area of jurisdiction.
  • To promote the interests of the members of the Association
  • To uphold and enforce any code of conduct pertaining to the members of the Association approved by the members of the Association and/or any legislation (Act, Regulation, Standard) applicable to the members of the Association.
  • To establish and maintain relationships with other Associations and/or Legislators within the energy sector of South Africa and to co-operate with them on a national, provincial or regional level.
  • To raise funds for the Association's purposes whether by subscription, levies or otherwise.
  • To administer and manage a system for the registration of all members.

ERASA Constitution - please click here to view