ERASA Membership

Membership of the Association shall be confined to Electricity Re-sellers approved by the Association.  Application of Membership shall be in writing to the Association and shall be submitted to the Committee for approval. 

Apply for membership using the link below:

Membership Benefits

  • Access to the website which will contain all internal discussions and progress on ERASA issues.
  • Membership and accreditation with ERASA is a strong marketing tool in that the members comply with the Code of Conduct which contains a minimum standard of service provision to electricity consumers in terms of NRS 047 and NRS 048. Therefore the client is assured that by his service provider being a member of ERASA the service provider will comply with these standards.
  • A certificate is issued which can be displayed in the members offices / boardroom / reception.
  • The members logo and contact information are posted on the ERASA website so that any client who wants to do a background check on a company or get quotes from reputable companies can get that information from the ERASA website.
  • The member will get an inside track to contacts with NERSA, City of Johannesburg, City of Tshwane and other large Metro’s
  • ERASA is also aligning itself with the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA), National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA).
  • Any issues that a members has may be raised with these various institutions under the banner of ERASA which is an Association recognised as being reprentative of the Electricity Resellers in South Africa.