ERASA Member Companies

BFW Metering is a Meter Management Company that offers more than just metering. Our professionally qualified personnel focus on and ensure that your metering needs are satisfied. This is achieved with cost effective, best practice solutions ranging from Main Feeder metering (main-, back up- or check-metering) down to single phase prepaid installations.

We believe you bought your investment property for the same reason we did: to make money, not to cost money.  Maybe it's your retirement income, or maybe it's your business. Whatever the reason you invested, you need a positive return!  You are insured against the uncommon (floods, fire,...) but cannot get insurance against the most common problem: bad tenants. With the increasing slant of the law against property owners, however, it has become extremely difficult to deal with tenants who don't pay.

A wholly South African owned company, Contour Technology (Pty) Ltd is a leading supplier of patented online payment platforms, innovative revenue management solutions, proven prepayment vending systems and industry certified electricity and water meters. Contour Technology is an ISO 9001 certified company with a national presence and over 19 years of experience in processing extremely high volumes of real-time transactions. 24 hr Contour centre support. We offer smart prepaid solutions for rental houses, complexes, multi-units, gated communities, shops, shopping centres, commercial buildings, etc. We make collecting of revenue faster and simpler.

Enbaya Prepaid Meters.  We offer state of the art, all-in-one solutions for prepaid electricity and water sub-meters, vending 24/7 and AMI Metering Solutions.  Ideal for body corporates, property investors, landlords and letting agents.  Suitable for installation in granny flats, individual rented units, shops, stores and sporting facilities.

The biggest single investment most people will make in a lifetime, is buying a home. The reason for buying a home in a closed community, is to ensure a specific lifestyle while maximising growth on your investment.  

The management skills and expertise of GEMS will contribute towards growth on your investment while you enjoy a secure lifestyle.

Impact Meter Services was established in 1992 and grew from humble beginnings to one of the biggest Resellers of electricity in Pretoria.  Impact is a

utilities management company that collects revenue for Body Corporates, Landlords and Municipalities for electricty, water and sanitation.

iSmart Utility Metering (Pty) Ltd was established in 2013 as a utility management company in Pretoria. With our 12 years of experience and technical expertise, our pioneering spirit has enabled us to retain our position of leadership in the industry and has helped us to continuously provide innovative solutions and products to our clients.

We install, own, manage utility metering assets and provide energy management solutions throughout South Africa. Our broad service offering, forward thinking and exceptional customer service result in continuous growth and success.

 Prepaid Vending
 Our prepaid electricity meters empower you to take control of your power consumption, whether you’re an individual, business or property landlord. As a consumer you can personally monitor power usage, identify high-use periods and cut back at necessary times to save both power and money.

 Our solar energy products empower you to make sustainable energy choices, enabling you to do your part to save the planet and in the long run, save on electricity costs too. As a renewable resource we’re passionate about solar energy, and supply and install a range of solar systems, from grid tied systems to off-grid systems.

Meter Management
Our innovative meter management solutions empower customers to obtain the most reliable, accurate meter readings for complete peace of mind. Our solutions use the very latest software supported by advanced meter reading and management processes, and can be applied to a variety of meters, including conventional meters, prepaid systems and smart metering installations.

Software Development & Engineering
 Our software development service empowers clients by offering completely customisable software solutions that can be applied to a variety of meters at all levels of metering management. The software also incorporates the creative use of alternative communication devices.

JPOMA is a common-interest group of Johannesburg Inner-City property owners and managing agents who are active in the upgrade and effective management of buildings under their control and who play an active role in Inner-City growth and regeneration. JPOMA represents property owners and managers of buildings/properties exceeding billions of rands.

Khwela Power Metering, a division of the MidCity Property Group, has established itself as one of the leaders in the reselling of electricity and water on behalf of Gauteng's municipal supply authorities. We also provide meter reading services on behalf of landlords within the Gauteng region.

At LL Energy it is all about you as the company/client.  Not only do we provide outstanding services, we also strive to provide the highest levels of expertise to our clients/companies when it comes to electricity and prepaid water services.  Our excellent service, unrivalled after-sales maintenance packages and warrantees on all workmanship and SABS guaranteed products, have led us to become electrical and water management service leaders in the industrial, residential and commercial sectors.  We have the ability to collect sewerage charges on liter to liter on water usage.  LL Energy cc has been in the electricity and water services business since 2009, our projects have mainly emanated from referrals and word of mouth.

Martinique was founded by group of senior business people with many years of experience in the Sectional- and Full Title management. Martinique handles the management of more than 100 Full Title and Sectional Title Schemes, Property Sales, Rentals, Collection Services and provides Electricity and Water meter reading services.

Meter Mate provides a spectrum of quality metering products and services, coupled with individualized customer service at competitive pricing, all backed by a combined 16 years of technical expertise, resulting in a comprehensive, unique, optimized solution for clients as well as end users.

Meter Mate has a customer centric approach to business with a walk in service centre to assits clients with metering solutions and billing queries, face to face. End users are assured of support via our call centre's metering specialists and Customer Relationship Management software ticketing system.

Our prepaid and smart metering solutions for sub-metering installation in houses, cottages, complexes, multi-unit, shops and commercial buildings, simplify the task of collecting utility payments for electricity, water and gas.

MidCity Utilities, a subsidiary of MidCity Property Group, provides a comprehensive package of smart utility management services to the property industry. The MidCity Property Group is an established provider of holistic property solutions with a proven track record of 33 years in the property market.

In line with our company’s four non-negotiable values, Service, Sustainability, Integrity and Innovation, we provide innovative solutions focused on energy management and demand control.

Our top of the range smart metering solution provides clients with a web portal platform on which they can effectively manage their power consumption from anywhere in the world. The platform provides users the ability to view their real-time power consumption readings, historic data trends, and remote switching of appliances.

Motla Utilities

Nationwide meter reading and utility management company with over 50 years experience.

My Voltage has the most cost effective smart metering solution in South Africa.  We are a utility service provider that provides smart metering solutions for electricity and commercial water at residential and commercial properties.  My Voltage uses the Urbanise Smart Utility Platform for metering which allows the user instant access to their consumption charges and available
balances via the web app.  We therefore provide technology which improves transparency on all tariffs and charges.  This allows users to take control of their consumption and know what they are charged in real time.

netVendor, established in 2004, is an innovative technology company which specializes in smart metering technology. Our product selection includes, electricity and water devices, Revenue Collection and Management services. The systems is web-based with standard open protocols, making integration to Utilities seamless.

pec utility management  offers a full range of utility, energy management  and smart metering services to the property industry.  We strive to maintain our position as a market leader for landlords, property managers and body corporates.  We also strive to uphold the highest standard of service delivery at all times.
•    Utility management
•    Energy management
•    Software development & administration
•    Automated & advanced metering hardware
•    Project management
•    Electrical design & implementation
•    Electrical maintenance

Power Measurement was established in 1996 as a electricity metering company.  The company is a national company and has metering expertise in electricity (prepayment as well as post payment), water and gas.

Power Metering Services administer the purchase and resale of electricity and other utilities in multi-tenanted commercial and indsutrial buildings nationally.

Prestige Metering Services provides full services for electricity, water as well as pre-paid metering at sectional title complexes, estates and commercial buildings.  Our services also include pre-paid metering with our own automated token system.  We also provide meter readings to various property management companies.

Pro Admin specialises in doing business in Sectional Tile, renting and reselling of electricity.

Protea Metering started operation in 1997 as a Closed Corporation by three electrical engineers and a Para-legal property manager, the Closed Corporation was converted to a company, (Pty) Ltd in 2001.  Protea Metering is focused on optimal supply, billing and collection of utilities such as electricity, water and also includes other levied items such as rates & taxes.

Quantum Energy Solutions focuses on assisting our clients and managing their utility bills.  Our online portal enables clients to monitor their daily energy usage and its available 24/7.  Quantum Energy Solutions saves you money through correcting energy use and through the implementation of Green Solutions which will improve your carbon footprint.  We also offer downstream pre-paid solutions to our property managers and owners.

RMS is a multi-level organisation, focused solely on the Utilities and Energy Management Environment but also expanding into the Revenue Management sector.  RMS has been active in the Utility Management industry for the past 7 years, the Metering Industry for over 25 years and the Energy Efficiency industry for more than 12 years. We have an exemplary track record with some of the largest listed property funds as well as large private clients.

Rural Maintenance currently provides utility management services to a number of property owners like ABSA Bank, gathering approximately 1,700 high value and critical utility accounts across more than 60 Supply Authorities. Rural Maintenance verifies these accounts and also pays approximately 900 of these accounts with an average value in excess of R 45 million MONTHLY. Rural Maintenance has a track record in the field dating back to 1993 and is the only true privately owned utility business in Southern Africa, having owned and operated distribution and generation assets.

The main focus of Sectional Title Prepaid (PTY) LTD is to provide the sectional title market and business institutions with an easy and affordable package. No hidden costs, no extra monthly charges or gateway fees. The purchasing of electricity will be done via EFT or Credit card Payments online via our webpage.

The Meter Man installs within the sectional title, retail, commercial, industrial and agricultural industry. We offer prepaid, water and smart metering solutions. We are able to evaluate your property to establish your exact requirements. Visit our website for more information.

Thukela Metering provide the highest quality metering services focused on providing a personalized service by offering convenience and rapid response.
 - Professional Service
 - Technical Support
 - Attention to all queries
 - Verify correctness of your council accounts
 - Stay abreast of all tariff charges
 - Installation of remote metering and intelligence systems

"The way to meter and manage your electrical and water consumption"

Triple-m Metering Services is a well established company since 2004. With our 13 year experience in the field we provide the following full services:  electricity, sub pre-paid metering and water readings and billing. As of 2016 we also provide a water leak detection system. With the friendly and professional staff we plan on paving our way forward into the future.  

Welmet cc was established in 1991 with normal meter readings on a very small scale.  During 2005 we started doing prepaid meters in a few complexes where the tokens can only be purchased from Welmet as we are the account holders for the electricty for the same complexes.  Tokens were purchased from a bulk supplier.  During 2012 we registered with Eskom and also developed a 24 hour semi-auto server system that supplies the tokens as the client purchases.

Urbanise offer a cloud based Service Delivery Platform for property managers, developers and landlords to perform administration, maintenance and related services through an integrated platform.  Utility (water and electricity) smart metering is but one of our specialized services.